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Christian TV ENG channel for modern youth. When creating this new project, we ran into various obstacles that were passed by the grace of God and the channel began broadcasting on September 1, 2014. We have put our heart and soul into the Christian project, because we understand that absolutely every person is significant to God, regardless of nationality, education, or social status.

The mission of our international Christian TV channel City Eden TV ENG is to preach the gospel through various films, series, programs and bring to every viewer the light of God's love, to destroy false stereotypes of the gloom of Christian life, to show the true joy, diversity and diversity of the lives of people whose hearts are open to the boundless love of our Lord, who gave his only begotten Son for us. Amen.

We will definitely support and help you not just get the concept of an abstract understanding of God, but get to know him as a Person, as a Loving and Caring Daddy!

Many controversial questions that you are looking for answers to will be revealed in sermons based on biblical truths. On our TV channel, in addition to spiritual food through Christian cinema, you can watch a lot of entertainment programs, clips, films and series of worldly content, various genres of modern cinema, including popular Japanese and Korean dramas. Note that the channel is focused not only on young people and teenagers, but also on children. So for young viewers, children's series, programs and fairy tales are broadcast on City Eden TV ENG. We wish you a pleasant viewing!


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in our broadcast, you can call the call center +95 (967) 477-51-11